Common Avoidable Mistakes While Installing Security Cameras

Some things just skip our mind, don’t they? While in certain cases it wouldn’t cause that much of a difference, however, the same cannot be said when talking about security concerns. One needs to be stringent enough and make sure that no base is left uncovered. These little mistakes can lead to major causalities and hence it is suggested that one proceeds with care.

A list of common mistakes to avoid while installing security cameras:

1) Selecting the wrong surveillance camera

Every CCTV camera has a definite and distinct purpose and hence cannot be used as pleased. One must look into product specifications and see if that meets their requirements or not.

> PTZ Cameras for wide areas

> Bullet cameras for narrow areas and covering long distance

> Night vision cameras for dark areas, etc.

2) Poorly designed surveillance system

If you want the best results out of the cameras then you’d have to make sure that you are operating them with precision at their optimum usage levels. A poorly designed plan gives bad video quality and doesn’t even cover the bases.

3) Avoid blind spots

Placing the cameras at the corners must be avoided because it then creates blind spots. In this way, even though you have the system you wouldn’t be able to make proper use of it.

4) Take professional help

It is necessary. You simply cannot figure out what system goes with what and where the cameras must be fit or how the wiring must be done. Creating backdoor security, installing firewalls for remote operated cameras, there is so much to be looked after and into when it comes to their installation.

5) Sunlight, possible obstructions and camera positioning

Only an expert eye can gauge these factors at one single glance. The cameras must be placed where they’d be able to cover the maximum area without obstruction. Also, they shouldn’t be much high otherwise the objects would be blurred.

6) Not securing the system before operating it

Again, an arena of the experts, you have to secure the system before you use it otherwise in the meantime someone might dig into your system and alter your settings.

It is also essential that one keeps up with the times, making use of the latest technology only to have the best surveillance and security experience.

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