How to Make Your WordPress Site Faster?                            

WordPress is so popular and I am sure you have a blog or website in this CMS. For any website owner, learning how to increase the speed of their WordPress website is an essential skill. If you don’t pay attention to it, this will influence traffic, increase bounce rate, user satisfaction, conversation rate and most of all your profits.

In case you haven’t noticed your site is slow or not, check its speed right now with tools such as GTmetrix. This is what you can do to make it faster:

  • Buy quality hosting

Pick the best host for your website. As you are getting started, it’s tempting to buy cheap hosting services. It’s ok in the beginning but once your site is getting enough traffic, switch from shared hosting to dedicated hosting. It will be a nice balance of cost, comfort, and speed.

  • Use the latest version of WordPress

The latest version of WordPress doesn’t just have nice themes and plugins, it will also ensure your website runs efficiently. Every update comes with a new and improved version. The bugs are fixed and new functionalities are introduced. In that case, keeping updated will improve the overall speed of your website.

  • Optimize the images

The speed of a website often slows down because of the images. It is natural because images take more space as compared to CSS or text. But that doesn’t mean you must remove all images to begin with. A better alternative is to compress them. Compression reduces their sizes without compromising on the quality. You can either compress them in Photoshop before using them or you can use image optimizers that compress the images automatically when you upload them on your website.

  • Enable page cache

Cache makes you access finished HTML pages by reducing the page load time on your website. You can use WordPress caching plugins for this purpose. Be very careful in picking them as they can be bloated with extra features that end up harming a website. Before using caching, make sure you fix other issues such as slow themes, plugins, and low-quality hosting.

  • Concatenate the files

Concatenation is the process of combing files into fewer larger files. Why? Because a single large download is faster than downloading several small files. Again, WordPress has given us plugins for this purpose. All you have to do is install them and activate them. This will improve the website speed, especially for mobile users.

  • Use a Content Delivery Network

All WordPress users are using a content delivery network. It takes all the static files on your website and lets visitors download them by putting them on the servers as close to them as possible. One recommended CDN is max. It is simple to use even for beginners. It takes a few minutes to set up. You will find video tutorials explaining different features.

Once you have made these changes, it is time you check the speed of your website again. This will certainly make it load faster.

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