Reviewing the Various Advantages of Using Ruby on Rails

Some of the biggest ecommerce websites, including Shopify, relies on Ruby on Rails. If you are considering a framework for your project, Ruby on Rails, or RoR as it is also called, should fit the bill. Companies and startups that have been using Ruby on Rails include Twitch, Netflix, Twitter and AirBnb. In this post, we take a look at the benefits of using Ruby.

  1. Ruby on Rails works wonderfully well for most types of web applications, and getting the working prototype ready doesn’t take a lot of time. Developers have a huge bank of ready modules, plug-ins and gems, which reduces the initial time required for the project. If you hire ruby developers with caution, you can save as much as 30% of the time required to build the application using other programming languages.

  1. Complex web applications often spiral beyond control after a point, often because conventional programming languages have a few drawbacks. With Ruby on Rails, developers follow certain standards with regards to programming and file storage. The codebase is maintained, which means changing and modifying things in the future gets easier.
  2. Budget-oriented. Ruby on Rails runs on Linux and is an open source framework. As such, it works wonders for most companies and startups, even for those with limited budgets. When you want to reduce the cost of development for a project, RoR is the right choice. Ruby on Rails can read as simple as English, so understanding the code isn’t hard.
  3. Long-term effectiveness. RoR is all about coding standards, and as such, if the parent company that developed the project is not available, you can still get a developer on board and sort things out. Ruby on Rails is an effective choice in the long run.

  1. If you were enamored by the community support of WordPress, you can expect almost the same with Ruby. The community is an active one, and most of the developers would be willing to lend support if there’s a problem with an application.

Ruby on Rails is the future of web application development, and to get things right, you just need a company that can be relied on and is experienced with projects that have similar structure and requirements as yours. Check their projects and work profile, find more on their practices and check if they can assure security for clients and their projects. Don’t shy away from asking for references to know a company better.

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